Test Capsules for Water in Diesel Contamination Checks


Water is always found in diesel fuel due to condensation from the atmosphere, poor fuel handling and other conditions that cannot be controlled by the end user.

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Water is the worst contaminant known to man in diesel fuel, it can cause major issues for diesel engines in all forms of applications from power generation, marine vessels, construction equipment and transport vehicles.

Generally all diesel fuel will contain water which will not affect it’s performance. Water content should be less than 200 ppm in normal use. Water content above 200 ppm can create serious problems so keeping water contamination low is very important so regular testing is needed.

Water contamination in diesel fuel can lead to problems like:

  • Damage to injector nozzles
  • Damage to fuel pumps
  • Corrosion in fuel tanks and pipes
  • Downtime of equipment
  • Costly repairs to fuel system
  • Promotes and fosters bacterial growth in fuel

To test diesel fuel for water view our products here

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