The FuelTurbo is a four stage recycling diesel fuel and tank polishing system with each stage working independently of each other stage process. The non marking suction clear hose and return green hose are inserted into the diesel tank to facilitate the recycle process of the fuel.

No pipes or hoses need to be removed or disturbed on the engine or equipment. The hoses are equipped with cam lock quick release couplings for easy fitting and removal, hose plugs are provided to stop diesel spillage when the hoses are disconnected from the unit.

The FuelTurbo unit is somewhat like a dialysis machine for contaminated diesel fuel. The unit is easily maneuvered by one person due to its balanced alloy chassis and pneumatic tyres.

The diesel fuel polishing cleaning process

Diesel fuel polishing processStage 1

When the pump is turned on fuel will be drawn from the tank through the suction hose and into the first stage FuelTurbo cyclone separator unit. Due to the specially designed diversion plates within the unit any water and large contamination will be separated from the fuel, this contamination will settle in the lower section of the unit. Draining of this contamination is periodically done by opening a ball valve at the bottom of the unit.

Stage 2

In our clear FuelTurbo strainer unit all solid particles above 800 microns in size are filtered, additional water gets trapped in this unit which is easily drained by opening a ball valve on the unit. The strainer unit features a quick open cover for easy basket removal and cleaning. You can easily see what’s going on in our clear view strainer unit.

Stage 3

When fuel flows through the FuelTurbo magnetic conditioner unit larger clusters of algae, bacteria and fuel molecules are separated while passing through the unit. The conditioner unit uses not your average fuel conditioner magnets, we use the strongest magnets available which are called neodymium rare earth magnets.

Stage 4

The final stage of the diesel polishing is the FuelTurbo filtration unit, this high performance spin on filter unit removes all fine contamination particles down to 10 microns in size. A filter restriction gauge on the unit will advise the FuelTurbo technician when the filter requires replacement. The filters can be purchased from your local filter dealer at a low cost and the use of our suggested inexpensive diesel fuel test kits should be used during the process.

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